Hag finds a recently single woman alone in her studio apartment unable to sleep, haunted by a menacing presence.


Between time and space and memory and distance, Insomniac is an experimental film designed to create the sensation of longing felt when one occupies a space alone that was once occupied with another. We see two sleepless souls in a series of solitary rituals, the mundane presented as melodrama.


Paranoiac condenses the psychological thriller down to 3 minute and 33 seconds, excising the genre of its Byzantine structure and leaving only the essential moments needed to tell the story. It also explores guilt and regret and loss associated with the crimes committed in Hollywood thrillers, films that fail to give any meaningful weight to the living or to the departed. There is no such thing as the perfect crime for anyone with a conscience.

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it's alright baby.png

It’s Alright, Baby was done on a lark. A comp music video for one of my favorite bands, Komeda, using footage from an Italian zombie film from 1980.

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Collaborating with actress Mariam Vardani, Falling Down was born from a personal monlog about a young Armenian woman’s crisis of faith following the death of her entire family in an undisclosed tragedy.

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