Film Crimes is a content creation company specializing in subversive, unpredictable, groundbreaking, and innovative content spanning film, television, and web content.  Founded by award winning filmmaker Gerald Alan Decker, Film Crimes is a philosophy about sex, violence, and the human condition. It is a challenge to be more daring.  To make things that won’t be liked and won’t make you popular.  It is a challenge to try harder, to be better, to reach further, to not accept the way things are done or what the world has become. 


Feature Film

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A man and a woman hid out in a non-descript apartment in a non-descript city as The Vampire Flu decimates the Earth’s population in Le Dernier d’Entre Nous, a French New Wave Horror film set in the far-off year of 1976. 





Between time and space and memory and distance, Insomniac  is an experimental film designed to create the sensation of longing felt when one occupies a space alone that was once occupied with another. We see two sleepless souls in a series of solitary rituals, the mundane presented as melodrama.



Paranoiac condenses the psychological thriller down to 3 minute and 33 seconds, excising the genre of its Byzantine structure and leaving only the essential moments needed to tell the story.


Screening July 3rd at   Anthology Film Archives

Screening July 3rd at Anthology Film Archives


HAG finds a recently single woman alone in her studio apartment unable to sleep, haunted by a menacing presence.